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    Wholesale Cubicles, Inc. {formerly Surplus Liquidators} Refurbished, Pre-Owned and Cloned Herman Miller® Workstations. We provide wholesale affordable Herman Miller Action Office 1 and 2 refurbished and as-is office furniture systems. Previously Surplus Liquidators of Houston, Texas, we have been in the cubicle business since 1979 serving the needs of Office Furniture Dealers that want to provide a lower cost alternative to new or cloned Herman Miller products. Special services include: COD shipping anywhere, Reconfigurations, Teardown, Setup, Relocations, Inventory Purchases Wholesale Cubicles, Inc. is a manufacturer of Refurbished, Pre-Owned, and Cloned Herman Miller® Workstations. We are always looking for new clients. If you are interested in our services and would like more information on becoming an authorized dealer, please click here or call (713) 228-6638. Wholesale Cubicles, Inc. offers free quotes for these setups or your own custom setup. We can plan your space, and all quotes come with 2-D and 3-D computer-aided drawings. If you are interested in our services and would like more information on becoming a client, please click here or call (713) 228-6638. Wholesale Cubicles offers an Environmentally Sensitive option for cubicles. - Environmental Footprint is reduced by utilizing refurbished products - Refurbished Cubicles utilize the "Reuse" principle in recycling - The majority of our fabrics are made from recycled material - All of our paints are water based Please see our ad in the Texas Society of Architects 2004 Handbook. Welcome to StudyStations.com! Study Stations are a practical alternative to desks. They are a work area that can be customized for a single purpose to make more efficient and effective use of your time. Please click here for more information on this concept. Study Stations can be used to study, work, home school, pay bills and more.  They are custom built to your specifications in any size and color with a variety of storage and lighting options. Why should you use a Study Station? "Where you study is just as important as how you study. A good study environment should be quiet and free of distractions. It's a good idea to have a desk which is devoted entirely to studying. You will find that you get into the habit of beginning to study as soon as you sit down."- The University of Toronto "A place where you are used to studying and doing nothing else is the best of all possible worlds. After a while, study becomes the appropriate behavior in that particular environment. Then, whenever you sit down in that particular niche in the world you'll feel like going right to work." - Virginia Tech Using a designated study area is an important aide for effective studying. Study Stations offer students and home professionals the opportunity to have a space devoted strictly to studying or working. Study Stations are a practical alternative to a kitchen table, which can be distracting, or a bed, which can make you too comfortable. Using your Study Station sends a signal to family and friends that you are busy studying and should not be disturbed. The stations are small enough to fit into a child's bedroom, but big enough to accommodate books and binders. Shelves, file cabinets and other efficient storage options are also available. Study Stations are made from refurbished Herman Miller workstations. Herman Miller workstations are commercial grade office equipment. Their modular origin makes them extremely easy to assemble and move. Your Study Station can survive many moves. In addition to being sturdy, Study Stations are also very flexible. You can easily add or delete panels and storage options as your needs change. If you are ready to design your Study Station, please click here. If you need help planning your Study Station, please use our email form or call (713) 228 6638. We will be more than happy to assist you in building your custom Study Station! 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Wholesale Cubicles, Inc. has served the needs of office furniture dealers for over 25 years. 

 Our dealers know quality and provide our customers with a low-cost alternative to new or cloned Herman Miller® office furniture. 

We provide affordable refurbished Herman Miller® Action Office 1® (AO1) and Action Office 2® (AO2).




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